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Life & Bits Launches into the Blogosphere!

I was sitting in front of my computer when my wife asked me, “What are you doing?”.  I was reading From Zero to Hero  about starting a blog on WordPress.  “I’m going to start a blog.”, seemed as a good answer.  “Why do you want to start a blog?”, she continued.  “Well, I don’t want to start a blog.  I just want to learn how to start a blog.  The best way is to start one.”  And that is what Life & Bits is all about, learning.  Learning to go beyond the basic uses of the internet and really getting out there inside the web.

While working on “Step 2.  Get Started.” of the article mentioned above (From Zero to Hero), I decided to write a blog about learning not only about starting a blog, but also about every other web learning goal that have stuck recently into my mind.  In choosing a blog address (you need to choose an address to sign up and have a blog) I wanted to convey the idea of my life and the web, therefore, Life & Bits was born.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, a bit is the basic information unit in computing and “Bits” represent the web and the digital world. 

I signed up my blog with WordPress midweek and knew I wouldn’t write until the end of he week.  Next morning, I was up at the first ring of the three alarms we set every night (yes, is not easy to wake up early in the morning).  I was very excited with the idea of writing my first post on my brand new blog.  I was ready for the “launch” of this idea.  And here I am. 

What have I learned? Well, “Blog” is short for “We Blog” which somebody created, while joking, from the term “weblog”.   Wikipedia always delivers.  If you were wandering about the “Blogosphere” from the post title, the Wikipedia article on blog introduced me to the term.  Now I have launched one more blog into the vast collective web community (the blogosphere!).  I also found WordPress easy to use and found all the instructions I needed for this post.  If you always wanted to start a blog or if you are just curious about it, go to the Learn WordPress page.  You will be amazed how easy it will be. 

I hope you will follow my journey of learning.  If you are basic/intermediate level user of the web, I promise to share everything I learn.  Please post your comments, questions and suggestions.  If you are an advanced user of the web, please post your suggestions and guidance for all of us.  It might make my “learning” easier or might allow me to “discover” new ways around the web I didn’t even know about.


6 responses to “Life & Bits Launches into the Blogosphere!

  1. rawmultimedia February 19, 2011 at 03:42

    bang out of nowhere, you are now in the blogosphere. I am happy to hear you are now into blogging…A lot of people still use the internet just for basic things, but blogging is so rewarding and refreshing.

    • Reinaldo M February 19, 2011 at 06:42

      That’s right! Out of nowhere. My experience in the last two weeks have been great. Hope to continue blogging for a while.

  2. Desiree February 9, 2011 at 17:01

    Hola Rey,

    La verdad que te felicito, excelente!!!! Gracias por tener la iniciativa de presionarme y de inspirarme a no perder este sue~o. Nunca pense que al hablarte de mi resolucion de a~o nuevo seria para ti la musa para lanzarte hacer algo nuevo.

    Felicidades, exito y nuevamente gracias !!!

    • Reinaldo M February 9, 2011 at 18:13

      Muchas gracias Desy por la inspiración y el empujito, contarme tu resolución fue sufiente empujón. !Tan pronto tengas el tuyo me avias para subscribirme! Cualquier pregunta me avisas que lo poco que sé es para compartir.

  3. Gianna Martinez February 5, 2011 at 20:24

    I’m so proud of You! What a pleasant surprise to find this! I always knew you had it in you, the “Gift”. I knew it several years ago at Mom’s House. I was looking through your books in your old room, and I find a notebook between them. It was kind of a journal you kept during your college years. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself but I read It. What you wrote blew my mind. You amazed me! Such creativity, talent, knowledge and sensitivity to describe your daily life inner thoughts and experiences. At that moment I knew a part of you that maybe you kept hidden from everyone, but for me was so beautiful! I discover that my brother was a sensible guy that savor life itself to the fullest! So is not a surprise for me that your “gift” awaken inside of you….finally! I’m looking forward to read all those wonderful experiences that you acquire and will share with the world.

    Also, you have to teach me how to build my own! May the Lord in heaven continues to bless you, inspire you and use you as His tune instrument to communicate to other. Congrats! Love You so much!

    • Reinaldo M February 8, 2011 at 08:07

      I wrote my second post so you could start you own weblog…have fun!

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