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I Searched for My Site and It didn’t Get Any Search Result!

Have you just created a new website?  Or maybe you read my previous post, Create Your Blog Now! Make a Post Today!, and now have a new blog.  Did you go to Google Search, typed your blog address and pressed the search button?  At least I know I did.  My site did not show up at all.  I went to Bing and repeated the exercise.  “We didn’t find any result for lifenbits wordpress”.  I didn’t expect any result but still you hope something about the blog would pop up.  Finally I went to Yahoo! for a “We didn’t find results: lifenbits.worpress…”.  It was official, my site was nowhere to be found.

So how do search engines get their results?  How will they find my site!?  Will they ever find my site?  It turns out that search engines automatically and constantly are looking and discovering new sites and indexing them.  Google sends out a glooglebot (Google Robot) to discover new and update pages to be added to the Google Index.  This is called web crawling.  Of course there is no robot, just a computer program fetching sites.  Bing also does crawling for their search engine indexing.

How much time it takes for them to find a site?  A couple of days.  The question is, can you submit your site to the search engines?  Yes, you can. (Sorry, no political message here).  The two search engines mentioned allow you to submit your website.  It is still not instantaneous but it is definitely faster.  For Life & Bits, it took just two days to appear.   If you want to submit your site, here are the links.  Just click at the search engine name.

  1. Google.

    Google – Add Your URL
  2. Bing.

    Bing – URL Submission

Now that you know were to go, you can add your site URL to the main search engines.  In a couple of day you will be able to find your site.  I include two additional readings I found helpful.  I also include a poll on search engines usage to register your vote.

Additional Reading

  1. Web crawlers. Googlebot.  Well written simple explanation of  web crawlers.
  2. 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic.  Excellent article on tactics to increase traffic to a blog.  A must read in my opinion.
  3. How to Add your Website to Google.  Article on adding your website to Google, Yahoo and MSN (now Bing).  It also covers adding Adds to make money.

Article Poll (Encuesta del Artículo)


3 responses to “I Searched for My Site and It didn’t Get Any Search Result!

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  2. rawmultimedia February 19, 2011 at 03:44

    I always do a search on my blog almost every week. When you are fresh you are fresh, nothing pops up, but editing your tags well, css, metatags and a little more SEO, and you will be found in the back and move on up to the front the more posts you make.

    • Reinaldo M February 19, 2011 at 06:46

      I will do a follow up on this post. When you submit your site to the search engines, it speeds up their crawling. They find your site faster. But the site would not come up in any search but for the site address itself. Indexing and sitemap is next…

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