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How to Add a Contact Form and Page

You have started blogging and you like the writing and the views.   You have engaged with the community and spent time reading others blogs in WordPress and noticed some of them have Contact pages and/or contact forms.  Or maybe you want to give your readers a non-public way to give you feedback.  You decided you want to install a contact form in your blog.  This article guides you through the steps to add your own contact page. makes creating a Contact Page very easy.  It also provides very good Support on the topic.  I wanted to summarize the information and bring the references to one place.  You will only need to add a page and within the page add a contact form.

In order to insert a contact form into our blog, we are going to create a Contact page.  When you started your blog, it had one dynamic page, which is were all your post gets published, and one static page (About).  When you add a page you really add a static page.  What is the difference? A dynamic page changes automatically as you publish posts.   You must manually modified and updated a static page.  A static page get published once.  After that, additions to the page don’t get published, they are just updates of the page.

Step 1.  As we add the Contact page, we are adding a static page.  The steps are very easy.  First on your dashboard left-hand side press Pages.  This will show you the Pages screen with a list of all your pages.  If your blog is new, you will see one page, About.  To add a new page you can either press the New Page button next to the Pages tittle, or press New Page below the Pages on the left-hand side.

Step 2. You are now editing your new static page.  (1) Type the tittle for your contact page.  (2) Type the message to your readers and press enter. (3) Press the Add a custom form button.

Step 3. The Add a custom form window shows up.  The form already have all the basic fields you need in a contact form.  You can add additional fields to the form.  For example, you can add a field for your reader to add their Twitter username.  You could also add a field for suggestions.  If you will not add additional fields  go to step 5.  If you wish to add press the Add a new field link.

Step 4.  At this point you will be able to edit the new field.  (1) Type the label for the new field.  For example, the label could be Twitter.  (2) Select the new field type. WordPress gives you the following options for the new field: checkbox, drop down, email, name, radio, text, textarea and website.  Select the option you need.  For example, for a new Twitter field select a text field.  (3) If the selected type allows you, add the options for the field.  For example, if you selected a drop down field to specify e-mail type, you could add the options: personal and business.  (3) Indicate if the field is required to be filled by the reader. (4) Press the Save this field button.  The illustration below show one field type with options and one field type without options.  When you save the field and return to the form, you can change the order of the fields by dragging a field up or down (see the Contact Form support below).

Step 5.  The last step is setting the email address you will received the readers feedback.  Press the Email notification tab on top of the form.  At the Email Settings screen, (1) type the email address where the feedback will be received, (2) type the subject of the email that will be generated and (3) press the Save and go back to form builder button.  Finally, press the Add this form to my post button.

This will add the form to your Contact page.  Don’t worry is you don’t see the form.  You will only see the form’s short code.  If you preview the page, you will see the form you created.

A contact page is an important tool to communicate with your readers.  Setting up a contact page is very easy.  It is worth mentioning that you can also add a custom form to any post to gather feedback related to the post.  The Add a custom form tool is also available when editing posts.  We hope you found this article useful.

Further Readings

  1. Pages.  This article by Support explains how to create a new page.  It also includes a video explaining how to create a new page.
  2. Pages >> Edit Pages Screen.  This article by Support explains how to edit or delete a page.  It explains the tools available at the Pages Screen.
  3. Pages Widget.  This article by Support explains how to add a pages widget to your sidebar.  This will list your pages on the sidebar.
  4. Contact Form.  This article by Support explains how to add a custom form in detail.  It includes a video on the topic.

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    Great Blog, I like Blogs that help novice Bloggers like myself learn and improve our own sites!

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      Thanks. I will be writing some more soon!

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