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UPDATED – Cool Stats Widgets Series – Who’s Amung Us Widget

Cool Stats Widgets Series – Who’s Amung Us Widget – Current Number of Readers and Statistics Page

UPDATE.  Who’s Amung Us updated its website, changing the screens and the link to non-JavaScript HTML code.  This post reflect the newest information to install your widget at  

About the Widget.  Who’s Amung Us provides a variety of widgets to choose from and install in your site.  They offer both JavaScript and non-java widgets.  This tutorial covers non-java widgets for us on  As many other statistics widgets, Who’s Amung Us HTML code needs to be installed in your blog.  A widget will be seen by your readers when they open your blog and you will be able to review all kinds of information about your readers when you visit the Who’s Amung Us site.

What Will Your Readers See on Your Site?  This will depend on the widget you choose.  Who’s Amung Us offer a number of widgets to choose from.  The widget shown to the right is The Original widget.  The non-java widgets that work with will show the number of readers looking at your site at the instant the page loads.

What Statistics are Available to You on Who’s Amung Us Site?  When you press the widget in your webpage or visit the Who’s Amung Us site, you see a graph showing the number of readers to your site per hour (see the image above).  The graph includes the maximum, average and minimum number of readers each hour.  You also see the number of reader per page.  Finally, your can see where the visitors come from on a world map.  On Who’s Amung Us dashboard, the Maps tab allows you to see the map information in different formats.  The History tab allows you to see the visitors information  for the last 24h, for the last month, for the last year or for the last five years.  Of course, data collects only after you install the widget.

Important Notice.  If you go directly to Who’s Amung Us site you will only have access to JavaScript widgets.  These will not work on  To access the non-java HTML code  for the widget follow the links provided in this article.

Blog With Integrity.  Life & Bits have no commercial or other realationship with Who’s Amung Us.

How Do I Install This Widget on Installing the Who’s Amung Us widget on your site is simple.  First, obtain the HTML code from their site.  Second, install the code on your blog.  And, you are done.  Please follow the instructions below.

Obtaining the Widget’s HTML Code

Step A – Visit Who’s Amung Us Non-Java Page.  The first step to get your Who’s Amung Us widget is to get access to the non-java main page.  CLICK HERE.  This page looks exactly as the normal site page but the link provided flags the site to offer non-java HTML codes only.

Step B – Choose Your Widget.  The showcase includes five widgets.  Three of them work perfectly on  These are The Original Widget, the Color Widget and the Small Widget.  The Firefox widget shown is a plug-in if you use firefox.  Even though the Map Widget will provide non-java HTML code, it contains information that is truncated by and it will not work properly.

Who’s Amung Us – Showcase Widgets

Step C – Obtain the HTML Code.

Please follow the provided instructions for the chosen widget.

  1. The Original Widget.  To obtain the HTML code, press The Original widget image.  A text box will appear with the code.  Click inside the box and copy the non-java HTML code.  Proceed to Installing the Code on Your Blog section below.

Who’s Amung Us – Copy The Classic Widget Code

2. The Color Widget.  In order to obtain the Color Widget code you must first customize your widget.  Who’s Amung Us allows you to select background and font colors.  Press the Color Wheels below the code to choose the colors.

Choose the widget color and font color.  Once you complete customizing your widget, find the text box below with the HTML code and copy it.  Proceed to Installing the Code on Your Blog section below.

Who’s Amung Us – Customize the Widget and Font Colors

Who’s Amung Us – Copy the Color Widget Code

  3.  The Small Widget.  To obtain the Small Widget code, press its image.  A text box with the non-java HTML code will appear.  Click inside the box and copy the code.  Proceed to the next section.

Who’s Amung Us – Copy the Small Widgets Code

Installing the Code on Your Blog

Once you have copied the HTML code, you can install the widget in your blog. Follow this instructions on How to Install HTML Code on Your Blog.

I Want More Cool Stats Widgets!

Here you can find more cool stats widgets to explore.  These posts will introduce you to some of them:

If you do not see the Stat Widget you want to install right now, feel free to post a comment below or send me a message on the CONTACT page.  I will write a post on your requested widget.  Enjoy your widgets!

11 responses to “UPDATED – Cool Stats Widgets Series – Who’s Amung Us Widget

  1. Storm Rider March 2, 2012 at 18:38

    Wow! It worked! Thanks!!

    • RMV March 2, 2012 at 22:09

      Thanks for visiting. Let me know of any topic suggestion you would like to read about.

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  3. veehcirra November 23, 2011 at 09:28

    thanks so much,this was really helpful!!

    • RMV November 23, 2011 at 18:12

      I am glad you found the information useful. Please visit us later on for other cool stats widgets information.

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