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Cool Stats Widgets Series – ClustrMaps Hit Counter

ClustrMaps - Geographical Hit Counter

Cool Stats Widgets Series – ClustrMaps – Geographical Hit Counter

About the Widget.  ClustrMaps presents the visitors to your blog or website as dots in a world map.  This hit counter provides real-time information when you visit their site (once you install the widget.)  ClustrMaps provides a table with a count of visitor by country which you can expand to show by state or city.  You can see a list of the most recent visitors, and the total count since the widget installation and the las 24 hours.  This widget helps to understand the term World Wide Web.

Blog With Integrity:  Life & Bits have no commercial or other relationship with ClustrMaps.

What Will Your Readers See on Your Website?  The cool thing about the ClustrMaps widget is your world map is available to your readers.  Your readers will see a small version of the world map with all the dots on your sidebar.  They can see the full size version when they click over the map on your site.

How Do I Install This Widget on Installing the Histats Counter widget on your site is simple.  First, get the HTML code from their site.  Second, install the code on your blog.  And, you are done.  Please follow the instructions below.

Obtaining the Widget’s HTML Code

Press the link to the Cluster Map Creation page provided.  (1) On the text box type your blog URL.  (2) Next type your e-mail address.  (3) Press Make My Map button.

At this point you will be sent a password.  This password will give you access to change the settings of the map.  You don’t need to do that now.   Now your are ready to insert the widget code into your blog.  You don’t need to press continue.  Choose the Minimalist style (option [B]).  Copy the recommended code and go to Installing My Widgets.

Installing the Code on Your Blog

Once you have copied the HTML code, you can install the widget in your blog. Follow this instructions on How to Install HTML Code on Your Blog.

I Want More Cool Stats Widgets!

Here you can find more cool stats widgets to explore.  These posts will introduce you to some of them:

If you do not see the Stat Widget you want to install right now, feel free to post a comment below or send me a message on the CONTACT page.  I will write a post on your requested widget.  Enjoy your widgets!


One response to “Cool Stats Widgets Series – ClustrMaps Hit Counter

  1. Sabrina November 5, 2011 at 17:33

    Ah! I almost forgot about the clustrmaps widget. I’m compiling a list of free blog widgets that people can easily install on their blogs. Thanks for this. 🙂

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