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Fight SOPA and PIPA

Follow the link to join the strike and protest.


I Got Invited To Google+!

Google+ Project

Now, I want to tell you the title of this post don’t reflect who I am.  I mean, I really don’t see myself as the type of person that get carried away with all the hype of new technologies and specially of the latest must-have fashionable apparatus.  I rarely buy the latest widgets coming out each season.  I prefer to let people try them, use them and let the critics analyze the most obscure functions of the device or technology.  After all, everyone buying or signing into the newest technology either pay top dollars or serve as the ad hoc tester of the systems.  On the contrary, I like to pay a fair price for technology and use systems when main bugs are found and fixed.

Google+ Bar

So, I surprised myself when I was all excited to receive a an invitation to join Google+.  My first thought about my reaction was it is my fault.  Why not? Since the news broke out Google released Google+ I have read on every opportunity about it and how I couldn’t try it unless invited.  I visited Google+ site just to read of the features and visited the forum on Google+, were the lucky ones were having all kind of discussion on the site greatness and intuitiveness.  Did publicity and buzz get me?  I even signed for the “waiting list” to get invited by Google+.  It was two long weeks waiting for Google to send me an invitation.  Meanwhile, I kept reading article after article of all the goodies offered by the site.

It was no wonder I had the biggest of smiles on my face when I saw in my inbox an e-mail from Google+ saying a friend of mine had invited me to join her on Google+.  Everything I was doing stopped immediately, and then, I clicked on the link provided.  I wasted no time signing up and starting to play with the site.  I took me no time to find available friends, create my circles and invite family and friends.  Everyone using Google+ seemed very happy and positive about the site.

Google+ Sidebar

It couldn’t be a coincidence.  Why is every single person I meet on Google+, so supportive of the new social network? It hit me.  The reason I am so excited to join Google+ is not because it is the newest must-have technology.  The reason I am so excited is because I finally have a real social network alternative to Facebook.  Finally the monopoly on social networks is over (I will get grilled by Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn fans but Twitter don’t offer all the extras of FB, LinkedIn is business oriented and MySpace is declining.)  Finally I have a real choice that, on the surface, seems to put privacy first.  That explains why I was eager to join Google+.  By being one of the first to use Google+, I want my opinion and comments heard, making sure the end-result takes care of everything on FB that drive me crazy.

For now, I will keep playing with Google+ and inviting my FB and Twitter friends over.  If you are dying to get invited to Google+, leave me a message on the Contact page and I’ll see what I can do for you!  If you are already using Google+ let us know of your experience.  If you are as excited as I am, let us know your reasons why.  Have fun blogging and with Google+!  Don’t go without leaving a comment!

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