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Cool Stats Widgets Series – Flag Counter

Flag Counter - Statistics Web Site

Cool Stats Widgets Series – FlagCounter Hit Counters & Flag Map

About the Widget.  FlagCounter counts the number of visitor and views of your site once you install their non-java HTML code in your blog.  FlagCounter categories your visitors by country, and state or province in the case of the United States of America and Canada.  When you access your account at FlagCounter, you can look up for your visitor information in countries listings, maps and charts.  Beside emphasizing on your visitors’ flags, you can view charts with the total visitors and views.

Blog With Integrity:  Life & Bits have no commercial or other relationship with FlagCounter.

What Will Your Readers See on Your Website?  FlagCounter gives three options to show your readers: a Top Countries counter, a Flag Map counter and a Mini Counter.  You can customize the counters size, format, colors and information shown.  The Mini Counter provides the smallest and inconspicuous counter.   I use the Top Countries counter with Life & Bits.

How Do I Install This Widget on Installing the Histats Counter widget on your site is simple.  First, get the HTML code from their site.  Second, install the code on your blog.  And, you are done.  Please follow the instructions below.

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